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Legendary writer/artist Walter Simonson begins his character-redefining THOR run, still considered by many to be one of the greatest in comic book history! "DOOM!" With that iconic effect, Walter Simonson shattered all expectations. As both writer and artist, his THOR was nothing short of a revelation, one that has been held up next to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's as the greatest of all time. Simonson's stories instantly establish cosmic stakes and a mastery of the series' characters. As his epic unfolds, he introduces Beta Ray Bill - a hero so bold and true that he can lift Mjolnir - and Malekith, a villain so cunning that he could unleash the Casket of Ancient Winters...and worse! And so, the Marvel Masterworks are very proud to begin their presentation of Walter Simonson's MIGHTY THOR, painstakingly restored from his original art and matching the coloring of the original comics! COLLECTING: Thor (1966) 337-348, Thor Annual (1966) 12, material from Marvel Fanfare (1982) 13

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