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    All their lives, Yasmine and Djibril Morissette Phan have heard of their mother's old country, Vietnam. But it was more a far distant land with lots of folklore more than a real place in their minds. Too often, immigrants bring fragments of their culture with them, pass them on to their seeds, but the reality remains sketchy to those descendants. Yasmine and Djibril decided to reconnect with their mother's ancestral home and confront themselves with the realities of Vietnam. What they found will leave them change forever. Khiem is a poignant story about the past, the present and the future. About generations. About reconnecting with your own roots. A dramatic departure from his work on Black Widow, Alpha Flight, Glitterbomb or History of Science-Fiction, Djibril Morissette Phan delivers a raw and emotional volume unlike anything you've ever read.

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