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(W) Hugh Sterbakov    (A) Leonard Kirk    (Cov) Rodolfo Migliari
Relive the college memories with the Freshman, collected for the first time in this deluxe hardcover edition! Co-created by writer/producer/actor Seth Green (Robot Chicken, Family Guy) and Hugh Sterbakov, Freshman Vol. 1: Introduction to Superpowers details the fantastic adventures of 14 members of the Freese College freshman class, who have all been embued with miraculous superpowers by the explosion of a mysterious device called the Ax-Cell-Erator!
With powers based on whatever they were thinking at that pivotal moment, some of the kids are blessed with fantastic abilities, like the power to seduce others, or tandem telekinesis. But others are cursed: A die-hard vegan can communicate with plants and vegetables, leaving him nothing to eat. A math whiz must become drunk or stoned in order to inebriate his enemies. One kid woke up with a major boost to his, ahem, personal equipment. And there's the talking beaver...
Also available in a super-limited edition signed by co-creators Hugh Sterbakov and Seth Green!

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