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Celebrated crime novelists Gregg Hurwitz (The Kill Clause,?The Crime Writer), Duane Swierczynski (The Blonde, Severance Package) and Victor Gischler (Gun Monkeys, Pistol Poets) take on the scourge of the underworld in five tales of death, depravity, revenge, blackmail and the evil that lurks in the hearts of men! They descend on the little Mexican town of Tierra Rota under cover of night, abducting its women and returning them days later like broken dolls. Frank Castle is no hero, but there are some things the Punisher just can't abide. Injected with a serum that will leave him dead by dawn, there's only one thing Frank wants to do before he dies: take as many bad guys as he can with him.?Traveling the Louisiana back roads, the Punisher steps into a world of unspeakable horror. He's crossed paths with plenty of unsavory characters, but nothing has prepared him for the Geautreauxs. Vette's little black book is filled with the dark secrets of movie stars, politicians and gangsters - including a powerful Miami drug lord who hides in an impenetrable fortress. And Vette is the Punisher's ticket inside. There's nothing like fishing with friends, especially on the eve of the biggest criminal deal of your careers. Until your engine explodes, your boat sinks, and the backstabbing begins - and the only life preserver is in the hands of a man who wears a black shirt with a skull on it. Collecting PUNISHER #61-65, PUNISHER: FRANK CASTLE MAX #66-74, PUNISHER: FORCE OF NATURE and PUNISHER MAX SPECIAL: LITTLE BLACK BOOK.

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