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Apes alive! When Solovar, leader of Gorilla City, is apparently assassinated by pro-human extremists, Gorilla City's new government declares war on humanity. Part of their plot involves turning the JLA into human-hating gorillas to help carry out their bidding. Now it's up to Batman (the only member who wasn't transformed, of course) and Martian Manhunter to find a cure for their banana-loving buddies and prevent all-out gorilla warfare from encompassing every civilization from Atlantis to Themyscira. JLApe: The Complete Collection reprints the entire crossover from Legends of the DC Universe #19, JLA Annual #3, Batman Annual #23, Aquaman Annual #5, Wonder Woman Annual #8, The Flash Annual #12, Superman Annual #11, Green Lantern Annual #8, and Martian Manhunter Annual #2.

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