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Frank Castle has dedicated his life to killing evil men. So when former Green Goblin Norman Osborn becomes the head of U.S. security, what do you expect Frank to do? But when his assassination attempt fails, Osborn's flunky the Hood resurrects several long-dead super villains to hunt down the Punisher - and Daken, twisted son of Wolverine, finally manages to kill him. But even death won't keep Frank Castle down! When the Legion of Monsters stitch his remains back together, the Punisher is reborn as the terrifying Franken-Castle! Does any humanity remain beneath this husk of a man? And can Frank regain his life, with the vindictive Jigsaw Bothers waiting to kill him again? Collecting PUNISHER (2009) #1-16 and ANNUAL #1; DARK REIGN: THE LIST - PUNISHER, FRANKENCASTLE #17-21, DARK WOLVERINE #88-89, and PUNISHER: IN THE BLOOD #1-5.


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